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Frequently asked questions

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What is an activity?

An activity is a task your team completes. TeamDynamic has a number of activities to choose from, including icebreakers, "get to know me" questionnaires, and more.

Activities are text-based surveys that spark joy and improve employee engagement at work.

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What happens when I send an activity to my team?

TeamDynamic will send an email to each of your team members with instructions for completing the task. They can complete the task without signing up for an account. When they're finished completing the activity, their results will be available on the Dashboard page.

Can I make a custom activity?

Yes! When creating an activity, select "Custom Activity" and enter what questions you'd like to ask your team. Their responses will appear on the Dashboard page.

What if I want a custom activity with advanced features like image matching or response scoring?

Send us an email at and we will create your advanced activity ASAP!

Can I send activities automatically on a recurring basis?

We are working on this functionality and will send out an email to users when it is available.

Can teammates send activities to each other?

Only the owner of the account can send activities at the moment. If this is a feature you would like to see in a future release, please let us know at

How frequently are new activities added?

We try to add at least one activity per week. If you have an idea for an activity, we would love to hear about it at

Where can I see a full list of activities available?

Sign up for a free trial to see a full list of activities. No credit card required.

If I decide I want to cancel my subscription, how difficult is it?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to the Account page and clicking "Cancel Subscription".

Which plan is right for my team?

We recommend using the Small plan for small startups or teams within larger companies. For larger teams, we recommend the Medium plan. For more than 50 teammates, we recommend the Enterprise plan. Visit the Pricing page for more information. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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