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ArticleWhy Team Building Matters More Than Ever for Remote Workers

Since the beginning of the pandemic, remote work has become more prevalent. While working from home can be more convenient, it does come with downsides. One of the biggest is that it can lead workers to feel more disconnected from their teammates.

So if your staff has gone remote and you're trying to figure out how to improve company culture, you need to invest in team building. Here's why!

Team Building Enforces Healthy Competition

A little healthy competition can be positive in the workplace. It pushes everyone to work harder and accomplish more. But feeling this sense of competition is much more difficult when coworkers don't surround you. When you give employees ways to compete with one another in a light-hearted manner, you're fostering their competitive side and ultimately increasing team productivity.

It Improves Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflicts are bound to happen in any workplace. What matters is how you resolve them! Unfortunately, if your team works remotely, they may not be as invested in actually fixing the conflict. Teamwork exercises help establish better connections among coworkers. When those connections exist, people are more likely to try to resolve conflict rather than simply sweeping it under the rug or gossiping about it with other coworkers over text.

It Encourages Acceptance of Others Differences

Hopefully, your team is diverse in many ways, including age, ethnic background, and gender. But if everyone is working remotely, these differences may not come out. This means not everyone has the chance to see the key differences in their coworkers and appreciate how those differences make a stronger team.

Team building allows everyone to showcase what makes them unique. In addition, it helps others discard prejudices they may have about another person's differences. They get to see them as a full, well-rounded person rather than a distant colleague.

Team Activities Allow for More Seamless Collaboration

Whether in the office or working from home, collaboration is essential to being part of the team. This can be more challenging when employees are physically apart, not only because of the physical separation but also because employees may not have gotten comfortable with one another. Team building exercises help bridge that gap. They build employees up to work as a cohesive unit which will also increase team productivity.

Team Building Improves Employee Satisfaction

No one wants to work with a group of people who, for all intents and purposes, are robots. But when everyone works remotely, that's precisely how it can feel. Team building improves company culture by helping coworkers grow valuable relationships with each other. This can make them look forward to their work and want to improve their performance. Best of all, it can help with employee retention!

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These are just a handful of the ways that team building truly brings out the best in your employees. Luckily, you don't have to make a huge investment in team building for it to be effective.

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